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21.Apr, 2019 0

Why Does my Vape Smell Bad?

One of the things that vapes are known for are the pleasant fragrances that they emit. The flavors of vape are one of the reasons why they are so enjoyable. However, you might find that instead of getting the wonderful flavors of your vape, you get hit by a burned and bitter taste instead. If you are experiencing this, it is probably due to a dried or burnt wick.   Why Does my Vape Smell? There are two likely reasons for this. When you find that your vape juice for cbd oil suddenly tastes bad, it is either your wick…

9.Apr, 2019 0

How to Get Rid of Burnt Taste in Vape for cbd oil

If you ever find that your vape for cbd tastes burnt, you don’t need to worry because there are easy ways to fix this. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by removing the wick on your vape pen. If you find that your vape tastes weird not burnt, a simple cleaning should remove the burnt taste.   How to fix a burnt coil smoke? If you find your wick has started to burn out, you should remove it. Removing your burnt out wick is a lot easier than you might expect. All you need is a…

2.Apr, 2019 0

How to Fix a Burnt Coil Smoke

When you get a burnt hit from your vape, this is going to be very, very unpleasant. The good news though is that there are several ways that you can fix this problem with your vape pen. Let’s have a look at some of these ways how to fix a burnt Nord coil with cbd.   How to fix a burnt coil Smok Nord? There are several ways that you can fix the problem of your Smok Nord always getting burnt. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that you give your vape some time to rest…