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Why Does my Vape Smell Bad?

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Why Does my Vape Smell Bad?

One of the things that vapes are known for are the pleasant fragrances that they emit. The flavors of vape are one of the reasons why they are so enjoyable. However, you might find that instead of getting the wonderful flavors of your vape, you get hit by a burned and bitter taste instead. If you are experiencing this, it is probably due to a dried or burnt wick.


Why Does my Vape Smell?

There are two likely reasons for this.

When you find that your vape juice for cbd oil suddenly tastes bad, it is either your wick is dried or burnt.


Dried wicks are not much of a problem.

If your find your vape tastes weird, or your vaporizer juice smells bad, it’s probably just a dried wick. A dried wick is simply the wick in your e-cigarette not getting enough juice. To avoid this, all you have to do is refill your vape pen. If there is still plenty of juice in your vape, tilting your e-cigarette should wet the wick and remove this bad flavor.


But don’t just leave it.

A dried wick is also an alarm for you to do something about it right away. This is because if you continue to use your vapor pen even with a dried wick, it could easily turn into a burned wick. And this is something that you are definitely going to want to avoid.


Burned wicks taste so much worse.

Have you ever sucked in your vapor, only to find it bitter, metallic, and terrible tasting? This is probably because you have vaporized cbd oil your wick already. You might be wondering, “Why does my vape smell burnt?”


This is because your vape is burning the wick.

Once your wick has dried up, it is going to start burning itself. Without any liquid to vaporize, your wick will then proceed to consume itself. This is why what you’re actually inhaling is burnt wick, and it smells and tastes terrible.


Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil?

One problem that vapers also run into is their vape smelling and tasting terrible even though they buy a vaporizer coil that’s new. It’s a new wick, and they are sure that there is enough e-liquid in there to vaporize, so why does it taste terrible?


This may be because your coils aren’t primed.

Priming, which is getting your wick ready by saturating it with juice, is very important. Even if you do have e-juice in your vape, it is important to ensure that the wick is saturated. This is because whenever your wick burns without being full of juice, it is going to give off this harsh and burnt smell we’re talking about.


Does Vaping Inside Leave a Smell?

Another concern you may have is whether or not vaping inside will leave a smell. We all know that smoking cigarettes definitely does. Cigarette smoke has a bad smell that tends to cling to every surface that it touches.


Vapes aren’t as bad.

However, they still do produce this effect. Only difference is that it is a lot less strong, and the fragrance is pleasant and sweet. You can also get vape juice that doesn’t smell if you want to avoid this completely.


Does Vaping Your Room Smell

Assuming that your room is smaller than other indoor spaces you vape in, the effects of vape smells will be slightly stronger.


Does Vaping Cause Bad Breath?

We all know that cigarettes can cause really bad breath. But does menthol vape smell bad?



Unlike cigarettes, vaping doesn’t cause bad breath.


However, it can cause dry mouth.

When you vape, you can easily go dehydrated. And without drinking lots of water, your mouth is going to dry out. This is why some people notice that their breath is quite unpleasant when they vape. It’s not because of the vape, it’s because of their dry mouth.

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